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An Intro to DRIP network

Compound Interest that Will Leave Warren Buffet Blushing

Make your money work for you. There’s a mantra that gets thrown around more frequently than the ball in a soccer match.

From aspiring teenage “side hustlers” to renowned entrepreneurs, everybody loves to remind us about the wonders of making our money work for us.

But how exactly are we supposed to do that? It’s not like there’s some job application that we can fill out on behalf of our beloved dollars and send them off to work.

Have these people not seen the sad rate of returns that stocks and index funds deliver? It’s like a grand joke that most of us are not rich enough to get.

Extraordinary Returns Require Extraordinary Investments

DRIP Network Crypto Earnings Compressed.png

The truth is, unless you have a cool few millions sitting in your bank account, those conventional investment options won’t ever amount to anything meaningful.


Take $10,000. Even if you invest that capital at 10% yearly ROI, you can have 5 years of steady returns without a loss and still not even cross the $15,000 mark.


That’s like $80 a month in profits after risking $10,000, and we haven’t even accounted for inflation yet!


So what’s the point of all that rambling? You need a financial strategy that’s aligned to your non-trust-fund-baby reality, and decentralized finance has the perfect solution for it.

DRIP is Here to Put Your ROI on Steroids

DRIP Network Crypto on Steroids.png
DRIP Network Crypto on Steroids.png
DRIP Network Crypto on Steroids.png

Imagine getting a 1% ROI on your investment not just every month or even a week—but every single day!

You don’t have to imagine anymore because that’s exactly what DRIP offers. As one of the most exciting, decentralized projects of all time, DRIP offers its holders 1% returns every single day.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, you can opt to keep your money parked in their system and earn interest on top of your interest, like putting compound interest on steroids.

How in the world can they pay out such insane returns? The answer lies in the underlying mechanisms powering this project.

A Tax System Designed to Reward Tax Payers

The entire DRIP  Crypto ecosystem is powered by taxation. You basically have to pay tax on every single operation:


  • Buying and selling DRIP tokens typically involves a 10% tax

  • Investing your tokens for those sweet 1% daily returns costs another 10% tax. So does withdrawing.

  • Reinvesting your profits triggers another 5% tax

  • And more


Here’s why all those taxes are a good thing: they make the DRIP ecosystem possible and sustainable. The funds from these charges don’t go into the wallets of the creators. Instead, these taxes are where the daily rewards come from.

The Crucial Role of DRIP Tokens

What’s interesting is that DRIP Cypto pays out rewards in DRIP tokens, not USD or any other currency. So by combining taxation and an exclusive currency, DRIP is leveraging game theory mechanisms to create a sustainable investment option.


But what does that mean for you? Here’s what. Your portfolio will be sensitive to the price of DRIP tokens. But the interesting part is that you just need the token to remain at a steady price to make mouth-watering returns. Heck, even a big drop in price would still yield profits for you over the long term.


So how about we take a look at how the DRIP token is performing?

DRIP Historical Price_edited.jpg

If you look at the above chart, you’ll notice that DRIP has actually gone up significantly this year—to the tune of 259%!


Let’s think about that for a minute. In a time when the crypto market is a total bloodbath, DRIP has managed to more than double in value. And that’s on top of the daily 1% returns that investors have been getting all this time!

How Much Can You Actually Make with DRIP?

Now that you have an understanding of what DRIP Cryptocurrency is and how it works, let’s talk about how much money you can actually make. To keep things simple and easy, let’s consider a realistic example of what can happen if you buy 2 DRIP tokens today. 


  1. For starters, you can avoid the 10% buy tax by buying directly from the Faucet swap. That means that at today’s rate of $150 (rounded), you’d be down roughly $300 and have 2 DRIP tokens.

  2. Now, let’s put these tokens into the Faucet, which will set you back 10% in tax. That leaves 1.8 DRIP tokens in your portfolio.

  3. Let’s further imagine that you’ll reinvest all your profits every day using the hydration option, which will result in 0.95% compounded daily ROI (after the 5% hydration tax).


After considering all the taxes and gas fees, your portfolio will be worth an eye-popping $170,568 within just 24 months.


Even if you deduct the 10% withdrawal tax, you’re still looking at $150,000+ in total. All from a humble investment of $300 today!


Here’s a chart with the ongoing progression of your portfolio:

Calculator Screen shot.png

What’s even more exciting is the fact that we haven’t even factored in the multi-level marketing mechanisms in our example. That’s another area where you could maximize your returns by joining teams and leveraging your marketing skills. Of course, you can always go the lone-wolf route and still make a fortune. The choice is yours.

The Key to Making Big Profits with DRIP Crypto

Here’s the thing. As more and more people join the DRIP project, its game theory mechanisms will be challenged and the entire network will be stress tested. It’s not some distant possibility either as the platform is already exploding in popularity.


Just take a look at the 7-day price chart for the DRIP token. It’s gone up from $84 to $150+ today:

USD Chart.png

So the key here is to get in as early as possible because the networking effect of this token will skyrocket its pricing and popularity over the next few weeks and months.


There’s a reason why all business people love talking about the early mover’s advantage. Imagine buying in early to Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. Those who did are probably sipping martinis on a sunny island beach somewhere in Europe today.


DRIP is your second chance at not just gaining financial freedom but also making generational wealth. This project is primed to explode in 2022 and you can reserve your share of the plunder by joining today.

If you appreciate the introduction to DRIP Drip Network Cryptocurrency please consider using my buddy address and joining my team. It’s easy, just follow the link and press the ‘Buddy Detected’ button, wella.

Or alternatively copy and paste this wallet address: 0x558161aDFA7363cC8Cf4Ea6d2c11e89CB940F93B

I'm sure you have many questions as I did! Please join the Telegram Chat and the  Official DRIP Telegram chat which has over 25,500 member's. It's perfect place for asking questions and getting a feel for the DRIP Community.

Here are some links to help you get started quickly:

Referrral Link: Use this during sign up and join my team as an official buddy

  • DRIP Litepaper: A document outlining all the key facts about this project

DRIP  Network Cryptocurrency is a great investment project for passive income. You can start by gaining insights into the DRIP network through my articles. However, they do not provide financial advice and are only for informational purposes. One must analyze their risk appetite before they invest in any project.

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