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Depsoit Tax Back Tems & Conditions

You must do these steps to receive your DRIP deposit Tax back!

1. You must join the Telegram Group, Introduce yourself and past your Wallet address.

2. You must subscribe to the YouTube channel & 'Like' 1 Video.

3. Maximum DRIP Returned is 30 DRIP no matter the DRIP deposit size (e.g If you deposit 1000 DRIP your  Deposit Tax would be 100 DRIP, despite this your will only receive 30 DRIP back.

4. The DRIP will be Airdropped back to the wallet that was used to Join the Team.

*You will receive your Initial deposit Tax minus the 10% claim Tax. We have to pay the Claim Tax to return your DRIP.

*If you don't follow these steps you will not receive your DRIP Tax back.


All other Give-away offer's by are expired other than this.



Drip Network Cryptocurrency

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