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About Drip Network Cryptocurrency

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Players can participate by purchasing DRIP from the platform's SWAP page, joining another user’s DRIP team (1 DRIP minimum requirement)

Depositing DRIP to the Faucet contract earns a consistent 1% daily return of their DRIP (365% maximum payout) passively.

Players can also compound their earnings through regular deposits, rolling rewards as well as team based referrals.

Unlike many other platforms promising a consistent daily % return, Faucet's contract cannot drain and will ALWAYS be able to provide the DRIP that has been rewarded.

DRIP rewards come from a 10% tax on all DRIP transactions excluding buys from the platform's SWAP page.

If there is ever a situation where the tax pool is not enough to pay DRIP rewards new DRIP will be minted to ensure rewards are paid out.

Given the game theory behind the DRIP network, the probability that the system will need to mint new DRIP to pay rewards is extremely low.

Since DRIP deposited into Faucet are sent to a burn address and DRIP is constantly being locked in the liquidity pool through the reservoir contract, DRIP is the only deflationary daily ROI platform.

The best strategy for DRIP is to focus on real world adoption by building out your team through direct referrals, as you will receive bonus rewards from referrals on their deposits and downline bonuses from players they refer based on the amount of bR34P held in your wallet: 1-2, 2-3, 3-5, 4-8, 5-13, 6-21, 7-34, 8-55, 9-89, 10-144, 11-233, 12-377, 13-610, 14-987, 15-1597

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The DRIP Network Cryptocurrency is a great investment project for passive income and wealth creation. You can start by gaining insights into the DRIP network through our social media or learn more at However we do not provide financial advice, content is for informational & educational purposes only. One must analyze their risk appetite before they invest in any project.

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