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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

So you’re thinking of joining the DRIP NETWORK Cryptocurrency but first want to see what all the hype is about? Then use the calculator to see how your Drip account might grow!

We’ll take quick look at the different sections of the calculator below.

Visit for the full version.

The Drip Account overview is where you enter the Basic information. How many drip you wish to deposit & how often you want to Hydrate (Compound your 1% earning).

You can update the current price of BNB & the BNB/DRIP Token ratio (to get this divide the DRIP price by the BNB price).

There’s a section for additional Deposits & Rewards, if you plan to make additional contributions or get referral/Hydration rewards through team building you add these extra deposits here.

The Month VS Max BNB graph visualizes the account growth and maximum BNB available at the end of the month.

The Additional deposit graph displays the accelerated account growth when extra DRIP are deposited, or referral rewards/hydration rewards are accumulated. It’s easy to see why team building is a core part of your DRIP Account growth.

The take home table displays the amount in BNB you would take home after paying the 10% claim Tax, and the 10% Tax to sell your claimed DRIP for BNB.

The last section displays how many days or Months until your Account reaches the maximum 27,400 DRIP.

If your thinking of joining the DRIP Network and needed a Buddy Please consider using mine (follow the link below to the faucet page and press the Buddy Detected button).

Alternatively copy the wallet address below and paste it into the ‘Get a Buddy Section’


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The DRIP Network Cryptocurrency is a great investment project for passive income and wealth creation. You can start by gaining insights into the DRIP network through our social media or learn more at However we do not provide financial advice, content is for informational & educational purposes only. One must analyze their risk appetite before they invest in any project.

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