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To Join the Drip Network you must have a referral wallet address, also know as a buddy address.

If you don't have one it's no problem! You can join the team.

Visit for step by step instructions on joining the Drip Network.

0x558161aDFA7363cC8Cf4Ea6d2c11e89CB940F93B (Buddy Address) for everything related to the DRIP Network.

Quick Instructions for Joining the DRIP NETWORK.

Get a Metamask or Binance Wallet & buy some BNB Go 'Drip Fountain' and buy some DRIP with your BNB Go here 'DRIP Faucet', scroll down to ‘Get a Buddy’. Copy this Wallet address and paste Into 'Buddy Address' 0x558161aDFA7363cC8Cf4Ea6d2c11e89CB940F93B and press update. Once the buddy address has been updated, scroll up to ‘Deposit’, enter your DRIP amount and press Deposit. Congratulations you can now Hydrate your way to millions! If you need more help there's step by step Instructions at

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