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Rewards BR34P Token

Become someones buddy to earn referral and Round Robin DRIP network rewards.

The DRIP reward system is quite confusing but extremely lucrative. You have set up a DRIP wallet and now you want to help others so they can also benefit from the DRIP tokens. And you excitedly gave them your Buddy address. Makes sense because it will benefit you as well. However, read the following requirements for referral rewards first:


  • You must hold 2 x BR34P tokens in your wallet. Otherwise, the rewards will skip you and land in your buddy’s wallet.

  • You must have a positive NDV.      NDV= (Deposits + Airdrops + Rolls\Hydration's) - Claims

  • You need to be confirmed as a buddy of at least five new DRIP players in your direct down-line.



How to buy BR34P tokens

The number of BR34P tokens you need to open different levels of down-line is already specified. This means you have to buy as many BR34P tokens as many lines you’re planning to develop.

Below are simple steps to buy BR34P tokens:

  • Go to the DRIP Crypto's network’s home page and click on Buy BR34P on the top menu bar. You will be then taken to the Pancake Swap website.

  • If you are using a mobile or a tablet, click on the 3 bars at the top and a drop-down menu will appear. You can find this option there.

  • BR34P tokens are only available at V1 of Pancake Swap, so ignore the Go to V2 Exchange and click on the box given below to continue to V1.

  • A pop-up screen will appear where you have to click the “I understand” and then continue.

  • Click on the connect button given on the top right corner of the purchase interface page.

  • Select the wallet you are using and log into it to connect to Pancake Swap V1.

  • Click on the Select a currency button to select the currency you would use to make the payment. Enter the amount of BR34P tokens you need and click on the SWAP button.

  • Click on Confirm Swap and then on confirm in the MetaMask pop-up window.

  • A MetaMask pop-up window will appear shortly afterward confirming that you now own BR34P tokens.


Add the BR34P tokens to your wallet by following a few quick and simple steps:

  • If you are buying these tokens for the first time, you will have to manually add them to the wallet.

  • Open MetaMask. Click the blue ‘Import Tokens’ option by scrolling to the bottom of the window.

  • Add the ‘Token Contract Address’ field and the other two fields will then be filled automatically.

  • Click on ‘Add Custom Token’ and then on ‘Import Tokens’ to add your BR34P tokens to your MetaMask wallet

Referral Rewards


Down-line: You create a down-line when new members are added using your Buddy address. If you can see 1\1, 2\2, 3\3, etc. under “Team” on the faucet page, it means you have a down-line of 1, 2, or 3 other wallets that were added through your buddy address. When you see 3\2, it means that 3 wallets are in your direct down line while the other 2 wallets are below them as they have been added by your buddies.


Value of the reward: Let’s take an example to understand how much reward you will receive. When your new buddy deposits 200 DRIP into their account for the first time, they will appear as 180 DRIP after deducting 10% tax. You will get 10% of 180 DRIP, i.e., 18 DRIP as the reward. The indirect rewards figure in your “rewarded” section will increase with the value of the reward you’ve received.


Team wallet: You have a team wallet if you have 5 different wallets (added through your buddy address) one downline below your wallet. You don’t get the complete referral bonus when you have a team wallet. Instead, you receive a 7.5% bonus and the other 2.5% bonus goes back to the wallet it came from. Going by the example above, you will receive 13.5 DRIP (7.5% of 18 DRIP) and the other 4.5 DRIP (2.5% of 18 DRIP) will land in your new buddy’s wallet.


The Round Robin Reward System

The referral reward we talked about above only works on the very first deposits made in the faucet by a new buddy. On the other hand, the Round Robin Reward system applies to all the hydration's and secondary deposits made.


How does the Round Robin Rewards system work

This system works in the following manner for both hydration's and secondary deposits:


  • The reward amount is 10% for deposits and 5% for hydration's.

  • It works over 15 levels. The wallets above your wallets are called up-line wallets.

  • The up-line wallets must contain the required number of BR34P tokens and have a positive NDV to qualify for the reward.

  • The reward will skip up-line wallets that do not have enough BR34P tokens and would move on to the next level in the wallet that does have the required amount of BR34P tokens.

  • When you hydrate, the reward goes into your buddy’s wallet. This is 1st reward out of 15.

  • When you make second hydration, the 2nd reward out of 15 kicks up two levels to the wallet that your buddy signed up under.

  • This process continues and if all the up-line wallets have required BR34P tokens, it will take 15 hydration's\second deposits to complete one Round Robin cycle.

  • This cycle will end at the “Dev Wallet” (highest possible wallet in an up-line) if there are less than 15 up-line wallets.

  • Any wallet in the up-line that hit its maximum payout level will effectively become a null wallet and will be skipped.


Taking the above example again where the bonus was 18 DRIP. 18 DRIP will go into the up-line wallet if it’s not a Team wallet. But if it’s a Team wallet, 13.5 DRIP (7.5% of 18 DRIP) will go into the up-line wallet and the other 4.5 DRIP (2.5% of 18 DRIP) will land in the wallet from which the hydration\secondary deposit originated.



My detailed breakdown of the Referral and the Robin Rewards system will help you understand and become an informed member of the DRIP community. This article is only written to convey information and should not be taken as financial advice. One must make informed decisions and invest only that amount of money that they are prepared to lose as every investment has some types of risks associated with it.


Feel free to become my buddy using my referral link.

Know more about DRIP Crypto through their litepaper

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